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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. We are a small start-up company and are going to our first trade show. We have limited budget, does Event Access work with smaller companies with smaller budgets?
A. The most rewarding projects Event Access has achieved, has been with smaller start-ups on shoe-string budgets which demand creative measures in optimizing marketing opportunities cost-effectively.

Q. Our Event Coordinator has just left on maternity leave and we need someone to step in and do a number of projects while she is out. She has laid the groundwork on many of these smaller trade shows and events, is this something that Event Access can help us with?
A. Event Access has often stepped in and assumed the role of Acting Event Manager, filling in for Event staff who are out on vacation, maternity leave or have left their positions altogether, picking up from what was left undone and seeing the event and trade shows through fruition.

Q. How does Event Access charge for their services?
A. Event Access meets with you to determine the complexity of your project on which their time estimate is based. Event Access puts together a comprehensive proposal based on the three event phases: Phase I - Planning; Phase II - On-site Execution and Phase II - Final Wrap-up which includes finalizing the budget and providing post mortem reporting.

Q. Does Event Access have a full team of event staff?
A. Event Access has a team of independent event staff members who they have trained and work with often who assist Event Access with on-site duties such as registration staffing, room-monitors, information services and other on site duties.

Q. Does Event Access do events outside of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area?
A. Event Access has planned and executed events in as far reaching locations as Europe, the Far East, Mexico, Hawaii, the East Coast and most US major cities.

Q. Does Event Access mark up outside vendor costs?
A. Unlike full scale event management companies, Event Access charges a management fee for their event management services and therefore does not mark up outside vendor costs.

Q. How many years has Event Access been in business?
A. Event Access started their business 20 years ago in 1988.

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Event Access delivers strategic and tactical planning and production services for the development of International User Conferences, Seminars, Sales Meetings, Incentive Programs and Trade Shows.